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eTrack Enterprise

etrack enterprise

A versão eTrack Enterprise é uma solução personalizada e desenvolvida sob demanda. Suas funcionalidades são pensadas e determinadas com base em um estudo prévio das necessidades do seu laboratório. Pode ser integrado com outros sistemas para unificar o controle e rastreamento dos itens de coleta. Quer saber mais? Acesse

How is your decision making going?

tomada de decisão

Information as a key element in decision-making. The Greiner Bio-One eTrack app provides access to concrete data. This is reflected in the management of the entire health team, generating better results. This is how you make a difference in the market. How about trying it right now?

Interaction beyond usability

Interaction beyond usability

Usability is one of the essential conditions that all software must have. But what about when the user is put at the center, with an ever-evolving interface and updates? That's how the Greiner Bio-One eTrack helps you with efficient management. Meet now!

How do you imagine the future of health management?

Tela de smartphone

Technology has really changed the health and management industry. QR Codes, internet, cloud platforms, online data crossing. All of this is already the future and you need to keep up to stay relevant. Do you already know the Greiner Bio-One eTrack app?

Agility in information

A busca pela velocidade de informações

Information agility. In days like the ones we are living in, the search for speed of information is a big differential. That's why Greiner Bio-One has developed an app with perfect data management. The Greiner Bio-One eTrack app fully complies with ISO 15189, which provides for full traceability of the […]

Traceability of the future

Reading the collection tube

The digital future has arrived and demands agility in data management and precise traceability. It's time for innovation! Access to the Greiner Bio-One eTrack app allows for the control and monitoring of materials used in collection routines. Better results and access to information for your routine with technology 4.0!

Greiner Bio-One eTrack: a traceability application adding security and control to the pre-analytical

Imagem sobre tecnologia e informação

Guarantee of traceability ensuring total control of materials. Health teams need technologies that support them more and more in their daily lives! In this way and moving towards the “new”, Greiner Bio-One takes the lead by bringing an application for mobile devices that offers full traceability of the materials used in collections, accompanying the current […]

Sample integrity

Imagem mostrando um tubo de coleta vacuette

The integrity of samples is one of the pillars of care and quality in hospitals and laboratories. How can the Greiner Bio One eTrack features help you with this need? Through an intuitive and customizable platform, we offer the best in monitoring tubes, batches, items, expiration date and much more. For Greiner, health […]