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Greiner Bio-One eTrack Interoperability!

interoperabilidade do Greiner Bio-One eTrack

A quality platform should support integration with other tools and facilitate your decision-making routine. That's when you have the app that is innovating the health market! Find out more about the Greiner Bio-One eTrack!

Greiner Bio-One eTrack. Integration with LIS and HIS laboratory systems.

post eTrack agosto 22

Did you know that the Greiner Bio-One eTrack offers integration with LIS and HIS laboratory systems? For us, facilitating your implementation of a new platform is essential. Visit our website and learn more!

Interaction beyond usability

Interaction beyond usability

Usability is one of the essential conditions that all software must have. But what about when the user is put at the center, with an ever-evolving interface and updates? That's how the Greiner Bio-One eTrack helps you with efficient management. Meet now!