Improving business results with Greiner Bio-One eTrack

The healthcare sector has made a lot of progress in the last decade and information has become more intelligent and accurate today. This is due to the advancement of technology that allows us to obtain more reliable data and better results.

Evolving scenario

The evolution of paper records to digitalization has revolutionized service in laboratories, improving business results.

Traditional methods

In the traditional healthcare environment, laboratories relied primarily on manual methods such as documentation and traceability.

This approach was fraught with challenges

  • Error-prone: Paper-based systems were susceptible to errors such as illegible handwriting, misplaced documents, or filling errors. These errors can lead to miscommunication or incorrect results.
  • Time-consuming: The manual process of filling out paperwork was inefficient and time-consuming, affecting patient care times.
  • Limited accessibility: Paper records were not easily accessible remotely, limiting healthcare providers' ability to quickly access patient information, especially in urgent situations.

The rise of technology

With the advancement of technology, the healthcare sector has witnessed a shift towards digitalization, leading to the development of software and applications to achieve safer and more effective results.

  • Improved accuracy: By digitizing the service process, it is ensured that all relevant information is captured accurately, minimizing the chances of errors.
  • Improved efficiency: Technology simplifies workflow, allowing healthcare professionals to achieve results more efficiently. This efficiency translates into faster response times, benefiting patient care.

The Greiner Bio-One eTrack app

The Greiner Bio-One eTrack application assists laboratories in collecting information about the materials used during the procedure with patient samples, allowing full traceability, including items, batches and expiration dates.

With eTrack you have complete monitoring in the palm of your hands, integrating important information, such as:

  • Traceability of the type of tube used
  • Batch number and expiration date
  • Exam and patient
  • Service unit
  • Responsible healthcare professional

Embracing innovation to improve healthcare delivery

As healthcare continues to evolve, it is essential that laboratories explore and leverage the benefits of technology. By embracing innovation, laboratories can stay ahead of the curve and contribute to advancing service delivery.

Take the first step toward empowering and improving your laboratory with the Greiner Bio-One eTrack!