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Technology and information security

We listened to the needs of our customers and partners in the search for a collection tube traceability solution that was easy to implement, versatile and efficient. Discover how technology is associated with Greiner Bio-One. After all, it's not just an exam! It's control and security! It's health 4.0! Learn more at gboetrack.com

eTrack Enterprise

etrack enterprise

The eTrack Enterprise version is a customized, on-demand solution. Its functionalities are designed and determined based on a prior study of your laboratory's needs. It can be integrated with other systems to unify the control and tracking of collection items. Want to know more? Visit gboetrack.com

More reliable laboratory routine

Your Pre-Analytical is more practical and safe in the palm of your hand, making the laboratory routine more reliable. Discover the eTrack application and ensure traceability and total control of the materials used in the collection procedure. Want to know more? Visit gboetrack.com

How does the Greiner Bio-One eTrack work?

Dashboard do Greiner Bio-One eTrack

A sample collection process in a hospital, blood bank or clinical laboratory requires traceability of the inputs used in the collection process, which must be registered for consultation at any time. The GREINER BIO-ONE eTrack makes this possible by reading the DATAMATRIX (2D) barcode and links the inputs used to the patient's ID in the Laboratory or Hospital system, for future reference.

How is your decision making going?

tomada de decisão

Information as a key element in decision-making. The Greiner Bio-One eTrack app provides access to concrete data. This is reflected in the management of the entire health team, generating better results. This is how you make a difference in the market. How about trying it right now?

Technology, efficiency and quality

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There are many solutions available on the market to optimize operational processes, increase quality and efficiency. But when we talk about processes in the health area, the available tools do not meet the necessary level of organization and monitoring. The right tool for your business makes all the difference. The Greiner Bio-One eTrack app enables total […]