The Greiner Bio-One eTrack App Dashboard allows for in-depth analysis of laboratory information.

You can define which graphs will be visible for the following areas: Quality, Productivity, Purchasing and Clinical Governance.

Some charts have options such as choosing the type (column, bar, area, pie), defining periods, zooming and printing. In this way, the interpretation of information occurs in a personalized way in each sector.

See below the charts available on the Dashboard.

Chart – Use of materials

Gráfico de Uso de Materiais

Chart – Use of materials per hour

chart uso de materiais por hora

Chart - Attendances by Laboratory

chart atendimentos por laboratório 2

Chart - Materials inventory by ID

chart estoque de materiais por id

Chart – Average collection time per operator/day

chart tempo medio de coleta por operador - dia

Chart – Average collection time per operator/hour

chart tempo medio de coleta por operador - hora

Chart – Average time per patient

chart tempo médio por paciente

Chart – Consolidated of materials consumed

chart consolidado de materiais consumidos

Chart – Satisfaction survey/day

Chart - Overall Efficiency

chart eficiência geral

Chart – Efficiency per collector

chart eficiência por coletador

Chart – Productivity

chart produtividade

Chart – General customer rating

chart avaliação dos clientes

Chart – General customer rating by collector

chart avaliação dos clientes por coletador

Chart – Number of adverse effectsmore details

chart número de efeitos adversos - Materiais descartados e expirados

Chart – Transparency in processes and interpersonal relationshipsmore details

chart transparência em processos e relações interpessoais

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