A sample collection process in a hospital, blood bank or clinical laboratory requires traceability of the inputs used in the collection process, which must be registered for consultation at any time. The GREINER BIO-ONE eTrack makes this possible by reading the DATAMATRIX (2D) barcode and links the inputs used to the patient's ID in the Laboratory or Hospital system, for future reference.

With the GREINER BIO-ONE eTrack you can manage the entire collection process in a simple and safe way. By reading the 2D code before sample collection, the GREINER BIO-ONE eTrack application takes control of the work and transfers all information on the material used on the patient.

The GREINER BIO-ONE eTrack requires no further intervention by the user. The barcode is scanned on a mobile device with a continuous flow, without impacting the collection process and this information is stored by the application, after sending the information from the device, the GREINER BIO-ONE eTrack sends it to the laboratory system or hospital the patient's information and all the material used.