Traceability guarantee ensuring full control of materials.

Health teams need technologies that support them more and more in their daily lives!

That way, and moving towards the “new”, Greiner Bio-One comes out ahead bringing an application for mobile devices that offers full traceability of the materials used in the collections, following the current digital transformation by which everyone us and several sectors have been passing through. We can remember in the not-too-distant past, how difficult it was to have access to information and today we have everything in the palm of our hands, more than that, many of us can't even imagine what life would be like without these facilitating devices. This perception is magnified when we analyze advances in technology.

Conducting more in-depth research aimed at the feasibility of technologies that could offer the traceability of materials and this form of control to assist health teams, it was found that so far there was no application available on the market, which makes it 100% pioneer. Thus began the search for the appropriate technology that could best fit the development of the App, thus was born the concept of the Greiner Bio-One eTrack!

How it works?

Already implemented in collection routines, the application reads the QR code contained in the materials, linking the patient's code to the code of the materials used.

Registering the batch, validity (not allowing the use of materials with expired validity period, informing the user at the time of reading), date, time and the code of the responsible collector. Increasing the control of inputs used and enabling real-time visualization of the routine and management of collection teams. The application can also automatically generate the order of collection sequence, according to the exams requested for the patient, thus avoiding possible problems in the results due to interference or cross-contamination of the sample.

In full compliance with ISO 15189, which provides for full traceability of supplies and materials used in the process of medical examinations of patients, with the pre-analytical procedures for collecting biological samples included in this traceability requirement.

In addition to the mobile app, all management is done through a web page/site called Manager Cockpit. With this, the data recorded via the app are sent to the Cockpit Manager where it is possible to visualize with graphs and numbers the amount of use of materials that day or week, the average time of collection, visualization and sharing of stock between headquarters/branches as well as the export of reports containing this entered data.

The app offers flexibility and mobility in use, as it can be used in different settings such as in laboratories, clinics, hospitals, or in home collections, for example. With a very simple process, in case of displacements for home collections, the app can use the internet network with mobile data to send collection records to the central (Manager Cockpit) from any location, as long as there is an available connection.

Multiplatform and ready to use on any mobile device, it is available for download in online stores for all current operating systems sold on the market and can be used both online and offline.

Thus, the use of the Greiner Bio-One eTrack in the collection routine, results in the implementation of best practices and service normative, significant reduction of quality deviations and possibility of complete management of the entire process.