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Greiner Bio-One Brasil Service Tech Sistemas, Produtos e Serviços para Saúde Ltda., a legal entity under private law, whose registered office is at Avenida Affonso Pansan, 1967 A - Vila Bertini - Americana/SP - CEP 13.473-620, registered in the National Register of Legal Entities of the Ministry of Finance under number 02.968.226/0001-06, telephone (19) 3113 9710 and e-mail: gboetrack@gbo.com, presents its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy below to reaffirm its commitment to the security and privacy of information collected from users of its GBO eTrack applications.

We inform that Greiner Bio-One Brasil Service Tech Sistemas, Produtos e Serviços para Saúde Ltda. has a designated person with whom contact can be made through the following e-mail gboetrack@gbo.com and telephone: (19) 3113-9710.

Application Terms of Use

The following describes the rules applicable to the use of the GBO eTrack application (“Application”) made available by Greiner Bio-One Brasil Service Tech Sistemas, Produtos e Serviços para Saúde Ltda., Based at Avenida Affonso Pansan, 1967 A - Vila Bertini, Americana/SP, CNPJ/MF nº 02.968.226/0001-06 (hereinafter “Greiner”) on mobile devices with Android and iOs systems.

When performing the registration to use the Application, the User authorizes the collection of anonymized data from his procedure with his patients, for the purpose of biological tests, according to the rules and conditions of these Terms of Use.

App or mobile application: it is software developed to be installed on a mobile electronic device, such as a cell phone, smartphone or tablet. This application can be installed on the device, if the device allows and provided that it is downloaded by the user through an online store, such as Google Play or App Store. The user now expressly authorizes the installation of the software on their Smartphone and Tablets devices.

The Application allows the User to have access to information and content related to the GBO eTrack application and, within this context, to interact with Greiner Bio-One sample collection materials, in addition to having access to other functionalities provided by the Application.

The registration for use of the Application is carried out by the responsible manager, designated by the laboratory / hospital and at the first access of the User, who must register a new password, and this change is also available in his profile.

User registration is unique, and access, viewing and use of the Application must be done only by the User on a personal and non-transferable basis. User sharing is not permitted for use of this Application.

In the case of minors under the age of 18 or others who need representation in accordance with the law, the registration must be carried out with the consent of the parents or legal representatives.

It is prohibited to perform more than one registration per User, as well as, the User using another user's registration.

Greiner may, without prior notice, block and cancel access to the application when it verifies that the User has performed an act or maintains conduct that (i) violates federal, state and / or municipal laws and regulations, (ii) contravenes the rules of these Terms of Use, or (iii) violates the principles of morals and good manners.

Any and all actions taken by the User while using the application will be his exclusive and full responsibility, and shall exempt and indemnify Greiner from any claims, losses, losses and damages caused to Greiner, as a result of such actions or manifestations.

The User authorizes Greiner or third parties indicated by it, to use, for an indefinite period, the anonymized information provided at the time of registration and during the use of the application, for statistical purposes and sending advertising material, newsletters, reports, etc. newsletters, informes, etc.

Greiner reserves the right to include, exclude or change the contents and functionality of the application, as well as to temporarily suspend it, at any time, regardless of prior notice to the User. Likewise, you can modify these Terms of Use, the most recent version of which will always be available for consultation in the application itself.

The User is solely responsible for any and all content sent or published by him through the Application. By submitting the content, the User warrants that it does not violate any third party rights or applicable laws and agrees to keep Greiner exempt from any third party legal or extrajudicial claims.  

The User authorizes Greiner to use the content sent by him through the Application, free of charge, indefinitely and in any territory or means of Communication.


The information requested from the User at the time of registration will be used by Greiner only for the purposes set out in these Terms of Use and under no circumstances will such information be given or shared with third parties, except by court order or competent authority.

The District Court of the city of Americana, State of São Paulo, is elected to resolve any issues arising from these Terms of Use, which will be governed by Brazilian law.

The authorizations given by the User, through this term, may, at any time, be revoked, upon prior notice and cession of use of the application.

Application privacy policy

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to provide information about the rights of the User and the Visitor under the terms of Law No. 13,709 of August 14, 2018 - General Data Protection Law (“LGPD”).

1. Purpose of the processing of personal data

1.1. At Greiner Bio-One Brasil Service Tech, we treat information provided by interested parties to:

  • Register the Item Code, lot and validity, used in the sample collection process for clinical analysis;
  • Scan the process of collecting information on the material used.

2. Information collected

2.1 Greiner Bio-One Brasil Service Tech collects the anonymized data filled in by the User, which is a spontaneous declaration by the User, during your registration (first access);

2.2. They will also be able to collect anonymized data from the user and third parties maintained in the user's application.

3. Collection of data

3.1. The data is registered via an access page and stored on Google Cloud, in a secure environment, with no use of this data for any purpose other than that regulated in this Policy.

4. Period the information is kept

4.1. We will keep the data for the entire term of the contractual relationship or for an indefinite period, if authorized. Likewise, we inform that your and other data included in the system may remain blocked in case of legal, administrative, and other actions, for the periods legally determined by each applicable regulation.

4.2. We will also look at whether, over time, we can reduce the data and other personal data we use and how we can do it, and whether we can make personal data anonymous so that it can no longer be associated with an individual. In that case, anonymous data may be used without notice.

5. Legitimation for data processing

5.1. The legal basis for data processing in Brazil is the signing of the service provision contract, as well as the implementation of previous measures, in order to process, manage or apply the purpose provided for herein.

5.2. There is also the supply of potential products from other services, which occurs with the transfer of data to the marketing services sector, in order to send commercial communications, which is already made express authorization. This is based on the consent verified when filling out the application form, but in no case, the withdrawal of this consent implies the conditional non-execution of the intermediation contract.

6. Receiving your data

6.1. The data will be sent to other entities of the Greiner business group for internal administrative purposes, including the processing of personal data of customers and employees, as well as to others when it is a legal obligation (judges, courts, prosecutors, Public Security Secretariat, among others) others).

6.2. Those responsible for processing will have access to your personal data.

6.3. International transfers of your personal data can be made to other companies in the group. These companies may be located outside the country. When it is not stated that they have a level of protection equivalent to that of Brazil, Greiner Bio-One Brasil Service Tech will adopt the corresponding contractual clauses, which are expressly accepted by the User, as they are equivalent.

6.4. Greiner Bio-One Brasil Service Tech contracts its virtual infrastructure according to a Google Cloud Platform model.

6.5. Data from the main technology provider for the operation: cloud.google.com

6.6. Greiner Bio-One Brasil Service Tech guarantees that companies that receive personal data have the same security measures and have signed contracts regulating the processing of personal data.

7. Automatic decisions made about personal data

7.1. Greiner Bio-One Brasil Service Tech does not take automatic decisions to analyze any personal data.

7.2. In any case, the contractor may request clarification at any time from the contact via email: gboetrack@gbo.com

8. Collection of User data with third parties

8.1. We do not receive information about third-party users, except for any previous registration or data that allow us to identify and were sent to us by the company that hired our services.

8.2. In any case, the User agreed to the disclosure of his information in order to make the services that support this Privacy Policy viable, which is also justified by the regular exercise of the contract with the client.

9. Your data protection rights

9.1. We inform that the User can exercise the following rights:

9.1.1. Right of access, at any time, to your data, to know which personal data are being processed and the treatments carried out with them;

9.1.2. Right to rectify inaccurate personal data;

9.1.3. Suppress access to personal data whenever possible;

9.1.4. Right to request limitation of processing of personal data when the legality or need to process the data is in doubt, in which case we may retain data for the exercise or defense of claims.

9.1.5. Right to object to the processing of your personal data, when, under current legislation, your interest is legitimate. Greiner Bio-One Brasil Service Tech will stop processing your data, unless you have a convincing or legitimate interest in the formulation, exercise or defense of claims.

9.1.6. Right to portability of your data, which consists of the right of the interested party to receive personal data concerning him that he provided to Greiner Bio-One Brasil Service Tech in a structured format, for common use and mechanical reading, and to transmit them to another person in charge of processing without preventing the person responsible for providing them, provided that the conditions set out in article 18, V, of the LGPD are met. This will only happen with respect to your personal data, and not the data of the company contracting our services.

9.1.7. Right to withdraw your consent at any time, without affecting the rights arising from the relationship between Greiner Bio-One Brasil Service Tech and its customer, who authorized their access, through express expression, by the media in these informed terms.

9.2. You can exercise your rights by sending an email to: gboetrack@gbo.com

This Privacy Policy may need to be updated. Therefore, it is necessary to review this policy periodically and, if possible, whenever you access the website, in order to be properly informed about the type of information collected and its treatment. You can find the Privacy Policy at the bottom of the website. However, we will notify you of any changes to this privacy policy that affect the processing of your personal data.

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