Using the APP on mobile devices

1 – Download from Apple Store or Google Play
2 – Click on the “GBO eTrack” icon to open the APP on your device
3 – Enter your username and password

Sequence for patient and tube reading

1 – Read the code with the patient ID
2 – Read the needle label code
3 – Read the tube label code
4 – If the tag code is not accepted, click "OK" to read another tag
5 - If the tag code reading is from a "valid lot"
6 – The APP captures the tag information and goes to the next tube reading
7 – By clicking on "Finish", you end the reading process
8 – Clicking “Send”, the APP will send the collected information
9 – By clicking on "Send later", it will be sent later
10 – After step 8 you can start another patient