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Greiner bio-one Service Tech Sistemas, Products and Services for Health Ltda.

The purpose of this proposal is to establish a partnership between Greiner Service Tech and your company, strengthening safe, reliable and innovative solutions.

After 12 months the contract can be automatically renewed and the promotional conditions are verified, in addition to the correction by IGPM or termination without charge after notification via our landing page.

The setup fee will be charged only on the first annual subscription.

The warranty of the devices is 12 months for manufacturing defects, failures related to incorrect use or damage, they are not covered by the warranty.

IMPORTANT: This application is only available for mobile devices, check its minimum configuration and validated devices in the listing informed on the website, www.gboetrack.com.br.


For this proposal, presented above by Greiner Service Tech, the customer offers full acceptance and agreement of the terms of this commercial negotiation, aiming from this, the formalization of the contract between the parties.

Americana, Friday, 14 de June de 2024